I have a PhD in Health Informatics from the Institute of Health informatics, University of Minnesota, and MBBS (Medicine and Surgery) from the University of Ibadan, the Premier University in Nigeria. My research interests revolve around state-of-the-art methodologies to create and deploy artificial intelligence with optimal user experience and design to enhance patient engagement and improve healthcare decision-making.

Previously, I practiced as a physician at different levels of healthcare delivery, and was a Volunteer Physician and Project Coordinator in Pro-Health International, a non-profit organization providing free healthcare programs in developing nations in Africa. During this period I had the opportunity to offer services to reduce the disease burden and improve the quality of life of under-privileged populations.

I am currently a Principal Scientist and Lead for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Service group at Philips Research – North America (PRNA) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My work centers on clinical natural language processing (NLP), automated question answering, and multi-modal deep learning to address medical dilemmas experienced by patients/consumers and healthcare providers. My team has developed a robust infrastructure that offers solutions for multilingual NLP, Semantic Search technology, Clinical Question Answering System, Clinical Paraphrasing and automated Medical Image Captioning for decision support during patient care.